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August 2013

Blog Status Update

I'll use this to notify you as I get various entries caught up - maybe later even some video's uploaded?

OK - we've been back from this trip for a couple of years now, so thought it was about time I cleaned this Status Update a bit (it is the first thing folks see when they open the blog after all!)

There are a lot of entries here, about one for each day we were on the trip. Use the Table of Contents Option on the right to either start at the beginning or jump to a page you're interested in (I tried to list the highlights in the title).

We usually stopped at two or three different sights per day and progressed clockwise around the USA, starting near Seattle WA. So if you're looking for things on the West Coast (for example), they would be in the last 1/4 of the entries.

What's left? Not much, so if you're tired of reading this, I certainly can understand. Maybe for my own sake if no one elses, I do have some video's for the second half of the trip (since St. Petersburg, FL). Maybe it's late, but I'd still like to get that done. Unfortunately my laptop is too old & slow to edit anything other than VGA video's, and by the second half of the trip I was mostly using my MPEG4 camera for videos - so if I ever get a new laptop - I'll have about 20 years worth of video's to edit! (Not just the RV trip of course). Ah well, that's life in the fast lane I suppose... (Or slow lane if you get tired of promises that always seem to be a little behind...)

Enjoy the Trip!

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