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Day 78 (11.18.07) - Wal-mart thinks we've moved in...

No Pictures today, short blog entry - got work to do...

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No need for logistics today, we didn't go anywhere.

I didn't really drive all the way across the country to stay in a Wal-mart parking lot, but sometimes you gotto do what you gotto do. I got an email Friday night that needed some stuff put together and mailed out over the weekend. Before we left on the trip, I knew there were some affairs that would need attention during the trip that couldn't be delegated and brought along a lot of extra paperwork (ugh). This was one of those tasks, so I just bit the bullet and decided to sit tight and get it done.

Even though I had all the paperwork necessary - the rig is so small I thought it might be better to try renting a cabin at one of the few RV parks that are open in Delaware. So I called them all, then tried a couple in New Jersey, then gave up and decided to just make it work where we were. One place had cabins available, but at $90 a night. We may try the motel option again later, but try to get something on the first floor next time where we can park right outside the room. I think we can also get cabins cheaper at my membership campgrounds farther south - but we aren't there yet.

So rather the have to hunt down a motel or spring for an overpriced 'cabin', I elected to just stay put today. My biggest concern was not driving Mom crazy. We talked it over and she decided she was fine with the idea and would work on coloring the Christmas cards. So I blocked off some space for her to work on the couch then started moving paperwork files around until I could find what I needed. This isn't the type of work environment I'd choose, but it's amazing what you can get done in a small place when you need to.

A few quick reflections on the blog (I like to do things like this when I have a down day):

- We seem to have picked up a few new readers of late. If so, welcome aboard! I hope you're enjoying our little trip as you come along with us. There are still a few dates in September I haven't completely updated yet with photo's, but I do plan to get this caught up. I also still have video's to add to earlier dates (once I start using video editing software). I'll post a note or something so people know when these are done. The (Photo's Added) or (Video Added) in the title just mean that I posted a short writeup without photos and then added to it later. If neither of those are in the title, everything got posted when I got the initial blog entry done (or in the case of video's, they still aren't done yet). - Note to reader's who've heard all this before, - it is not a pipe dream, we will take a few more days time off once we're farther south...

- Phylisej Blog Entries: My initial plan was to set Mom up so she could write her own entries. I thought it might be interesting to hear her perspective on things. However she hasn't been writing much and she definitely doesn't like using my laptop. She is welcome to write however and I try to encourage her, but she seems to be content with sending out postcards. She has also been taking a few pictures and I am way behind uploading those for her.

- Level of Detail in the bogs - seems like too much sometimes? Actually, I'd probably like to write more, but am staying up too late on these as it is. When we get back from the trip, I plan to print them all out and put them together in a binder as my journal from the trip. I don't remember things very well, so the journal will help me enjoy this trip for a much longer time. Sometimes we get a lot more detail that doesn't end up in the blog. This is probably good, as I'm probably putting everybody to sleep as it is. To me, it's all interesting however, so it's always an ongoing, if internal, battle as to what to put in the blog. So you may see a bit of variety - some days will be very detailed, some days less so. I have this fantasy that I'll actually go back and start expanding some of these entries someday to add more detail that is of interest to me... (probably like my fantasy/plan to start writing blog entries by category, not just by day). Who knows, stranger things have happened.

ps - I did get the letter written and emailed. We will be leaving Wal-mart in the morning.

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