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Day 70 (11.10.07) - Hershey Chocolates

How about a fairly short entry today? Maybe we could all use a break. Mom attended Church in Hershey, then we toured the Hershey Museum and called it a night.

overcast 52 °F


Miles Driven - 33 (Round trip from RV Campground to Hershey and back)
Weather - Overcast & Cold
Camped - Thousand Trails, Hershey PA


Mom was not in the best of spirits today. I think the cold weather is starting to bother her and she'd just like to head south. Also we didn't get to the campground until after 7 PM last night, which didn't help. Anyway, I resolved to take her to church as she generally likes to attend services when she can and hadn't been able to do so for a couple of weeks. The internet connection at the RV park was terrible, but I managed to use it enough locate an SDA church in Hershey and checked it on the map. Saturday morning, we started out early since we weren't sure how long it would take us. It turned out that we were about 10 miles from town, so it took some time to get to Hershey. Then I turned left on Chocolate Avenue and followed the road I thought correct based on the map. Some distance out of town, I decided I must have taken a wrong turn, so looked it up on the internet again and this time, plugged it into the GPS software. They took me right down the street I'd gone before and said "You have reached your destination" - but no church. Finally I looked up the church again (I had a great internet signal in town) and called them. They tried to give me directions, but of course I had no idea what they were talking about. Finally I asked for a cross street and looked it up on on Mapquest again - it was right about where we were. I decided it had to be on the next street over and we were just not seeing it. So around we went again, and this time it was right there. We had driven by it three times and never saw it!

So Mom got to church and I spent some time on the internet and phone trying to figure out the best way to visit Philadelphia (RV, Hotel, or ???) I'd still like to visit Philly, but will visit Gettysburg first since we're almost there now.

Today however we were in downtown Hershey so once church was out we decided to go visit the Hershey Museum. (The Chocolate Factory tour sounded more like an amusement park ride, so we decided to skip it. We didn't really check it out however, so can't judge it objectively). Anyway, after driving around a gigantic circle, we finally got to the museum.


I believe the town is building a new one, which is probably a good idea as this was hardly the best one we've seen. There were also hundreds of brownies visiting that day (they had special tables & activities set up at various places) - fun but noisy & crowded.

We did learn that this is a factory town established by Milton S. Hershey for workers in his Chocolate Factory in 1903. He was from this area of Pennsylvania, so wanted to build his factory here rather than other existing cities that might have been more logical places. He also cared a lot for his workers and tried to make this a model factory town - refusing to allow dull row houses for example. The main streets are named Chocolate Ave and Cocoa Ave, hmm - are you feeling fatter yet? If you still need tempting, the street lights downtown are shaped like Hershey Kisses.


Inside the museum was a fair amount of history about Milton Hershey, about making milk chocolate (his big breakthrough) and about the many ways of packaging Hershey's Kisses. However, there is also a nice wing with Native American items he collected during his life and other various collections - most of which I failed to take any pictures in for some reason (I do have some pictures, but they didn't seem worth uploading).

There is a large 'Apostloc Clock', which is something like a grandfather clock on steriods - but the music box isn't yet in the clock (after restoration?). It was built by a young man who thought he could make money by building a giant, impressive clock and charging admission for people to see it. He did travel with it for some 20 years or so, but there is no record as to what sort of income it provided. At a quarter to the hour, the doors open and figures of the twelve apostles come out to be blessed by Jesus Christ. The Devil makes four appearances and other figures move to more or less illustrate the biblical stories.


After spending a fortune in the gift shop (where else can you buy chocolate pasta?), we headed out. The amusement park was closed, but I managed a shot of one of several giant, wooden roller coasters.


It was quite cold and starting to get a bit late, so we headed back to camp. I should be fair to the RV campground - they do have wi-fi, but only in the rec building. Mom was too tired and just not feeling like doing much more of anything, so I skipped the rec center and just set up the RV at our spot again - no internet. So Mom went to bed early, I read one of the books I'd purchased at Valley Forge, and we called it a night.

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