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Day 66 (11.06.07) - Stayed Put Again, Just A few Notes

I'll try to answer a few questions today, this will be short...



Miles Walked - at least one (to the RV Office to pay for a second day)
Camped (same place as last night)


OK - I 'cheated' a bit today and decided to stay put. It started raining last night, but cleared up this afternoon, but it was a good excuse to work inside today. I considered saying over another day last weekend when we were in New York, but since the campground wasn't open Sunday night, I had to gave up on that plan. We're in a nice campgound now and I do have decent internet service here (dial up modem, but it's reasonable), I tried to get a few chores done, paid some bills, contacted a couple of vendors about problems, etc.

Mom read a couple of books and worked on a jigsaw puzzle. We also went through her pictures from September and are printing out several pages on paper for her friends without internet connections. Boy do we take a lot of pictures!

Status of Blog & Questions:

(1) Trip Map: I don't update the Map very often (just lazy I suppose). When I do, I'll always post it in a separate blog entry. The reason for this is that it takes a LONG time to load unless you have very high speed internet. So, if you don't have great internet service, you may just want to skip the map.

(2) Photo Editing: Somebody mentioned using Photoshop or other software to fix shots? I don't usually have time, so most shots are just like they are taken. The one exception is cropping. Since the blog only uses 800 x 600 resolution, rather than resize some photo's, especially of birds, I'll crop the section with the bird only. This is effectively lusing a digital zoom that multiplies the 12x optical zoom on my camera.

On one occasion, I did edit out somebody who didn't want to be on the picture (sloppy, but effective). I always try to ask people if it's OK to put their picture up on the internet, if they say "No", then I don't use it. The one exception was a shot that really added some value to the blog for that day, but had one guy I just in the wrong place (& frowning at me with the camera).

Most of the time I use a freeware program called Irfanview, that I really love. It allows me to resize pictures to the 800 x 600 used by Travellerspoint in batches. So first I sort the pictures I've taken for the day and select which ones to upload (Honest - I DO NOT upload most of the pictures I take!) If any need to be cropped, I do that next. Finally, I convert them all to 800 x 600 (or smaller sometimes if cropped), then upload them. After uploading photo's, I have to go through them on travellerspoint and add titles and descriptive information.

I do have photoshop now, it came in a bundle with their video editing software. It has a few nice capabilities that Irfanview doesn't, so I may use it on occasion - but for the most part, the pictures you see aren't doctored very much, if at all.

(3) Status of Old Blog Entries: When I first started the trip, I went through some kind of learning curve as to doing the trip, taking & uploading photos, and writing blog entries. I started falling farther and farther behind - so I decided to start updating the blog on a current basis and keep that up to date - with the intention to go back later and get the older dates caught up.

One of the things I worked on today was that 'catch up' stuff. I didn't edit the old entries yet, but have now gotten all photo's uploaded (that I plan to upload anyway - not video's, but still shots). You can see them in my photo album, but I recommend you wait until they're posted in blog entries (my photo album has gotten quite large as you can imagine). So anyway, I haven't forgotten the old entries (these are marked with "Placeholder" in the title) - made some major progress today - will let you know when I get the rest done.

(4) Video's: So far, I've just been able to upload single shot video's without any editing (ugh). There are some great shots I haven't uploaded because I was waiting to edit them and some less than great shots I did upload because I was tired of waiting. Anyway, I do have Adobe Elements software now and have loaded it on the laptop. I don't know when I'll get around to editing video's, but would like to try. Will have to keep you posted...

- In sum, I'm glad to start getting a few things done - but would prefer to be out seeing new things, not sitting in the RV all day! After all, we're on the trip to see the country, not the inside of my RV. Maybe we still need some more downtime, but it will have to wait. I think we both want to get back on the road tomorrow.

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I do appreciate the blog, try to read it every day, when I'm around a computer and ... have time... I know keeping it up is time consuming, but reading your blog is a little like being on the trip with you.

by drque

Thanks! I know time is a rare commodity sometimes. Also, I appreciate the comments you've added from time to time to help identify things or reasons I've only been able to guess at. IMHO - The interactive community will always outsmart the individual, no matter how well intended!

by jl98584

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