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Day 32 - Blog Housekeeping

Travel Map Update and Question for Readers

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Travellerspoint helped me with my map problems, so I am finally updating it. I am a couple of days behind (what else is new), and there is still some fine tuning I could add - but it gives you some idea where we've been. (Looks like I've got a couple of extra dots to correct as well.)

(Caution - if you have a slow connection, this will not load very well)

Anytime you want to see the latest iteration of the map, you can click on the Author (jl98584), select Travellerspoint Provile, then select the Trip (Re) Discovering America.

I would appreciate your feedback (via Comment or email):

I have been adding some details about the photo's to the photo's themselves. I assumed that when you clicked on the thumbnail, it would not only show the photo - but also the descriptive information about the photo. It doesn't (I'll make a suggestion to change this in the systems forum). In the meantime, do you prefer to get Photo descriptive Info in the Photo Albums or in the Blog entry directly?

Am I uploading too many photo's? If I add the description for each photo in the blog entries themselves, they will get much longer (I won't be able to stack the thumbnails as I have been).

Any other suggestions you have for making this better would be appreciated (am seriously lacking much free time, but will do the best I can).

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I think what you are doing is fine, I enjoy story and the photos together...
Raul says moms cute with the hat...
Ana loved the Niagra falls photos. You are really moving along and seeing alot, very nice.

by rllomas

I've missed a couple of days here and see that you covered a lot of territory (not in miles, but in interesting sites). This weekend I added a cold to my shingles, so it's slowed me down a little. I love your pictures of Niagara--when we were there last year around sunset I couldn't get my tripod set up, and my pictures are not sharp. Were you handholding your camera? And the other falls are beautiful. The carrousel place was interesting. I'm thinking of all the interesting places we missed as we sped home last year through that same area. Robert is right, though, that you'll go crazy trying to get in all the historical spots in New England.

by msj

I meant to add feedback also to your question. I love the pictures. I think you have a good balance of what's in the blog or separate now. I do look at all of both, and it is nice to have a brief description by them in the photo album, but you can't spend your whole time at the computer!

by msj

As you can see, I do have the ability to delete comments - just in case somebody slips in something offensive (or accidentally posts something twice). Normally I like to just leave the comments in the blog however.

by jl98584

I like the comments in the blog along with the pictures.

by TexasRTJ

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