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Day 28 (9.29.07) - Erie, PA to Buffalo, NY

Lake Erie Coastline, very scenic and lots of agriculture (especially vinyards)

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Starting Mileage: 114450
Ending Mileage: 114547
Weather: Sunny & Cooler (mid 60's), very lovely

The mileage is a bit deceiving, some of that was driving around in circles in Erie, PA trying to get my oil changed (unsuccessfully)...

FIRST - A HUGE THANKS TO ALL BLOG READERS!!! I'm not exactly sure how Travellerspoint works this, but somehow they have granted me additional upload capacity. I was near capacity and had only uploaded about 1/3rd of my photo's for September! When I logged in today, my capacity had been increased. I suspect you all are the reason for that, so thank you very much. It does take a lot of time, but the photo's are a big part of sharing this trip with you so I'm willing to spend the time if you don't mind!

- Surprisingly, I wasn't too grouchy today (having stayed up way too late last night working on the laptop). We found a Seventh Day Adventist Church in Erie, PA so I took Mom there for the church service (I didn't get up early enough to get her there for the Sabbith School). It was a medium sized church but had a lovely pipe organ. She also enjoyed their pot luck afterwards.


I was working on Blog photo's when she got back, so decided to finish that up before we hit the road. At any rate, we didn't really get on the road until maybe 3 PM EST?

Again, we decided to skip the interstate and try to see some of the countryside. We had a little trouble finding Hwy 5, which is good because we bumped into a couple of historical signs and this little park overlooking the bay that Erie, PA is on:


The third picture is a closeup of the sign on the rock explaining what it is.

As we headed out of town, we saw many working class brick homes that were rather interesting architecture. Some kids were playing and noticed our RV and seemed quite excited to see traveler's in that part of town. (We've been getting a lot more interesting looks now that we're off the beaten path and past the tourist season). As I was sitting at a stop sign, I noticed this house and decided it was too good to pass up. Mom watched for the light to change while I rolled down the window and grabbed the camera (the things I do to capture the flavor of an area!)


Of course, there are brick and stone homes in the Seattle area, but not as many due to the tendancy for earthquakes on the west coast. They are much more common in this area (since we got to Michigan, we didn't see many in northern Minnesota which surprised me. Maybe they're more common in other areas of Minnesota though).

As we continued to drive east from the city of Erie, we passed much nicer homes (urban flight?) with huge lawns. This slowly changed to see more agriculture and still waterfront properties. However, further out the homes weren't that new or elegant, just basic farm style homes or older homes, but nice. The road wasn't that close to the lake for the most part, but we could see peak-a-boo views of the lake.


Then we were really surprised. The area became more agricultural (this is pretty far north and hasd the harsh, lake affect winters.) Especially, we started passing vinyards and winery's! There was quite a lot of this actually. In the first shot, you can see Lake Erie in the background. And no, I did not swipe any grapes (darn). We did find a fruitstand though, Mom tried their Goat Milk Fudge (she said it was too sweet, I haven't had the guts to try it yet, maybe tomorrow):


There was very little access to the lake during most of today's drive, but we did find a couple of turnouts. Except for the lack of salt smell or beach shells, this could be any beach anywhere (Check out the sailboat):


We finally passed another state line (12 now?) and are in New York tonight. We went through a small town called "Silver Creek" which was founded in 1803! This little church was just too cute to pass up (especially the door handles). It is St. Albans Espiscopal Church in Silver Creek, NY. Maybe if Paul ever gets tired of the big Cathedral or Pittsburgh, he can transfer here?


So all in all a pretty easy day. We are camping in Evangola State Park directly on Lake Erie a few miles outside of Buffalo. The park employee who registered us was named "Holly" (pronounced "Hally" in the local dialect) was very friendly and gave me lots of brochures and advice about New York and the Buffalo area. We plan to visit Niagra Falls and the Erie Canal tomorrow, but there are a lot more things around here than I thought - maybe we'll make it out of Buffalo tomorrow (we'll try).

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Very beautiful. It rained here today, but you are right...we can't have rainbows without rain..
Enjoy Niagra....

by rllomas

I don't know how far back you read each day, so check my comments a couple of days earlier, after Phylis's harmonica performance, in case you want to stop at any of the NY and VT sites mentioned. There's also the Trapp Family Lodge, the Ben & Jerry's factory, and a maple syrup factory we visited (the latter in St. Johnsbury, as was a very nice museum).

by msj

The blog author get's an email every time a comment is posted, so I will get the comment no matter how old the entry is that you comment on. In addition, I can go into my blog management area on Travelerspoint and read all the comments (as well as upload photo's, write/edit entries, etc.) - So you can be assured that we will see every comment, regardless of where you post it. I was working on photo's last night, so may have forgotten to check for comments when I got done late in the evening, but I saw these when I checked in this afternoon. Thanks for your suggestions, we probably won't be able to visit all the places you suggest - but we do take them under advisement. We are again/always finding there are far more interesting places to visit than we have for this trip! The Trapp Lodge has been in our plans from day one (you don't watch the "Sound of Music" in my house, you sing along to it!) I must get some Vermont Maple Syrup somewhere (in Vermont). Ben & Jerry's will probably have to feed other customers. The gorge sounds interesting, I'll have to check the map though. The harmonica was one Mom brought with her - she's been keeping it in her purse but this was the first time she pulled it out.

by jl98584

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