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Day 27 (9.28.07) - Pittsburgh to Erie, PA

Via Fallingwaters, the Frank Lloyd Wright House

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Weather: Overcast & Rainy at times, with some sun breaks

Geography Lesson: Fallingwater is about an hours drive south of Pittsburgh, the city of Erie is on Lake Erie, about two hours drive north of Pittsburgh. Once again, we are going in circles... (but it's worth it?)

I have always been something of a closet Frank Lloyd Wright fan, not as rabid as many fans of his architecture - but I'm impressed with buildings that he designed. Once I realized that one of his most famous designs, the Fallingwater house, was just an hours drive from Pittsburgh, of course I had to visit it. Mom wasn't as thrilled with this as I was - we are running a bit behind schedule and this was also in the wrong direction, but I have the keys to the RV, so off we go

(Actually, on a trip like this it is unlikely that two different people will always agree on everything they want to see. We have an informal agreement that when we stop someplace that only one of use wants to see, it's OK for the other to wait in the RV if they don't want to take the tour. Mom chose to do this at Fallingwater, partly because there is a lot of walking and steps on the tour and partly because she just didn't care to see it that much.)

No photography is allowed during the tour (we'd probably never get done with the tour), so today's blog will be quite short. Here are a couple of my shots from the exterior (yes, I bought a book with pictures of the interior, and a postcard, and a DVD, and the gift shops are making a lot of money off of me):


Here is a lot more information about the house (if you've never heard of it before):


The area the Fallingwater house is in is called "Laurel Heights". One interesting thing I noticed was houses built of both Stone and Brick. I don't think I've seen these materials combined like this elsewhere:


The rest of the day I drove pretty hard to make up the time - straight from Fallingwater all the way up to Erie. Western Pennsylvania is heavily wooded an has a lot of low, but fairly steep hills. There are farms, I suspect the pioneers cleared land for farming as it looks like the natural terrain is wooded. There is also one very cool thing about rain - if you don't have any rain, you don't get any rainbows!


ps - you probably noticed a change starting with Day 26's blog - pictures. I thought now that I'm keeping the writing more caught up, maybe I'd start keeping the current day's pictures caught up also - then try to go back get the rest caught up later. However, it's almost 2 AM and I just finished these two, so we'll see....

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The pictures do add immensely! Thanks.

by TexasRTJ

I do intend to add pictures for ALL dates, but was adding them in chronological order - which was too far behind. So now I'm going to try adding Photo's for the currend day's at least, then continue to get the old ones caught up a day or two at a time. Maybe I needed to go through some sort of learning curve?

by jl98584

Wasn't trying to nag! Just expressing my appreciation. I can imagine uploading photos etc. at the end of a long day--when that is all that stands between you and bed--is not so easy to do!

by TexasRTJ

Yes! I really like not having to look for the updated photos. But, don't skimp on your sleep just to make it easier for us to find them. 2 am? Hope you didn't drive the next day. Belated comment: I like the you tube video. Is this the first or did I miss others?


by pjohnston

Don't worry about nagging, I am probably a far worse nag to myself than anyone else could ever be. I appreciate the feedback, helps me know if I'm going in the right direction or not. I don't know why, but after staying up that late, I wasn't tired the next morning. I did have trouble waking up this morning however, so I'm wondering if it wasn't a delayed affect? Last night & tonight, we stopped to camp around 5 or 6 PM, so we're trying to get a little more on a schedule. Also, we figure once we get through New England (and know we're out of the winter weather up here), we'll slow down a bit (maybe, we're having so much fun visiting all this stuff, maybe we'll just find more stuff to visit!)

by jl98584

ps - forgot to mention the video's - I am just getting started on this learning curve, have more to add. The only two I've added so far have been on Day 15 and Day 26. I'll probably add another today. I'll try to put notes at the top of new blog entries so you know which old ones have been updated also...

by jl98584

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