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Day 21 (9.22.07) - We Made it to Uncle Bob's

Actually, we don't have many pic's today, so this is semi-final?

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Starting Mileage: 113488, 20 Mi N of Cadilac MI
Ending Mileage: 113705, Berrien Springs MI
Weather: Sunny & very nice, maybe 70 F

One more housekeeping item I forgot last night - I haven't been able to get the map working since I left Shelton. I'll try contacting the support forum, then if necessary just delete it and start over (on the Travellerspoint map that is). Just in cause anyone is wondering.

ps - also just started working on a blog entries for Mom's wildflower pictures. If you checked it and didn't see much, I apologize - it was just a rough draft (should have saved it as a draft, I'll eventually learn how to use this).


Somehow, it managed to rain quite a bit last night but we woke up to clear blue, sunny sky's! There must be something different Michigan Weather? We didn't quite get up as early as we'd hoped, probably because our bodies haven't shifted into Eastern Time zone as quickly as our RV did - but we got back on the road and headed licketly split south towards Berrien Springs, Michigan. We did stop at a scenic overlook - it didn't have any signs explaining what we were overlooking - but I guess it was for fall colors (which haven't quite arrived yet on the 'lower' peninsula. We also took the western route, along Hwy 131 then I-196 because on the atlas it looked like they hugged the shoreline of Lake Michigan. In reality however, you can't see the lake unless you get off and go a little farther west.

We did get off in Holland, MI because Mom thought that might be where Michigan Bulb Company is located. In Washington, there is a big tulip growing community in Mount Vernon (north of Seattle) and in addition to the big tulip festival in April, most of the growers have show gardens and gift shops open all year round. However, the people she talked to in Holland didn't seem to think they had anything like that except during the tulip season itself. Since we were a little pressed for time, we didn't research this very deeply and just got back on the highway.

Then we left the freeway again in Saugatuck because the map showed a Saugatuck Dunes State Park (and a sign on the freeway also indicated such a place at that exit). After we got off the freeway, there were no more signs to the state park. We drove around a bit and it looked like a very quaint and lovely place to visit (if a bit crowded - the weather was fantastic and I guess a lot of people decided to it would be a good place for a Saturday excursion). We also found a sand dune excursion company, but decided we shouldn't take that much time as I'd promised my Aunt & Uncle we'd be at their place by mid afternoon, so got back on the freeway.

Michigan miles are similar to Montana miles, they are just a little bit longer than normal miles - no make that quite a bit longer... How can such a small state take 600+ miles to go from one end down to another? We did drive through some lovely farm country down Hwy 140, there were grape vines (do you think they'd really miss a bunch of concord looking grapes? Maybe not, we didn't try but were tempted - they looked good). We also found Berrien Center, the city listed for Uncle Bob's mailing address. It basically consisted of one corner - there was a Mexican Grocery, a (small) U.S. Post Office, a civic building of some sort, and an ARCO station that didn't look like it sold gas anymore (maybe an old auto repair shop now?) Neither the man at the grocery or the man mowing the PO lawn had any idea where the street was that Uncle Bob lived on (nor how Uncle Bob was), so I fired up the laptop and sure enough - had just enough signal to pull up the internet. Thankfully, Mapquest did find the street and it was only a couple of miles farther.

So we made it safely. We had a little time to kill before my aunt and uncle got back from their pot luck, but the weather was very pleasant and it was nice to have a little time to relax. When they got back, we had a little time to visit, then they had some tickets to a concert (one reason we hadn't wanted to risk getting here late). We didn't known what sort of concert to expect, but knowing my aunt & uncle, I was pretty sure it wasn't rock and roll. It turns out that Andrews University was lucky enough to receive a generous donation to help build a really nice performing arts center, which they did about five years ago. The concert was by Leon Bates, a world renowed pianist and the Borealis Wind Quintet. We were very impressed.


We will probably stay here for a couple of days, so I may or may not be able to get a lot done on the blog - don't you just love (not) those totally uncommittal promises? but it's about midnight (eastern time, which I'm not quite on yet) so maybe I'm getting a little punchy


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