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Look at the Travel Blog page you are on. On the Top Right is something like a table of contents. This is the Navigation Bar - it lets you select what you want to see.

Entry's: Each time we post something new, it will be saved as an "Entry" (as in Page in a Journal). The navigation bar lets you find entries by "Categories" or older ones in "Archive".

Category: This web site requires that we use travelpoint's Categories. We will try to fit our entries into categories that make sense. If we forget to categorize an entry it will show up as Uncategorized (we will try to avoid doing this). Pre-trip info will be saved as "Preparation", day to day travel entries will probably be saved as "Family Travel". Eventually, I'll try to write entries about specific places or topics only and will categorize them differently, such as "Events" or something appropriate.

Main Page: This is the default view when you first come into this web site. This shows the most recent Entry on top and also the next four most recent entries. To open a single entry, find it on the Navigation bar on the right and click. To show the entries by a particular author (Mom or I), click on the Author you want to see on the Navigation Bar.

Comments: You must be a member of Travellerspoint to post comments, but membership is free and it is very easy to join. To join Travellerspoint, go to:


To post a comment, you must also be on a single Entry (not be on the main page). To open an entry to comment on it, just select it on the Navigation Bar. When you are finished, you can go back to the main page by clicking on the "Main Page" option at the top of the navigation bar.

Subscribe: You do NOT need to Subscribe to this site to use it. If you subscribe to the site, you will get an email every time a new Entry is posted. (Nice for some folks, a pain for others).


Thumbnails: If you see a small picture and want to enlarge it, just click on it. This will also show you any descriptive information I've typed in for the photo.

Other Pictures: Not all pictures will have thumbnails. If you click on a picture and nothing happens, then that's all you get.

We might also have photo's uploaded that haven't been linked to a blog Entry yet. If you want to see all photo's (without reading through the Blog Entries), select an Author, then in the Navigation Bar, select "More Photo's..."

Video: These will probably all be posted on YouTube just to save space on this site. You can watch them here however. There are not a lot of video's, but you will find a few from time to time.

How I'm Updating Entries: During the trip, I've been having a hard time keeping the blog up to date, especially since we don't always have high speed internet available. I will try to write at least a short blog entry on as current a basis as possible (but without photo's). The title for these will say "(Placeholder)". Later when I have time to add photo's (and/or write a more complete entry), I will change the title to say "(Photo's Added)", so you will know which ones have been updated.

If the title doesn't have any (descriptors), then it probably has all the photo's and video's (if any) from the first time I posted it. The descriptors: (Placeholder), (Photo's Added), or (Video Added) are just to let you know if the blog entry has been changed after I initially posted it (or will need to be changed later in the case of "Placeholder").

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Have you figured out how to add Friends yet? I created an account on travellerspoint so that I could comment on your blogs. But when I search for your username it doesn't find it. Is it protected in some way? I was going to add you and your mom as friends.

by TexasRTJ

Hi there,

To add Friends

1. Add Author as friend
One the right pane under Authors, click on the username. This link will show you all the entries posted by this author. On the same page, the right pane will also show a link to the Travellerspoint Profile of the selected author. There is an "Add as friend" link on the profile page.

Add members who commented in blog entries as friends
The username link of the member will point you to the profile page where you can see the "Add as friend" link.

For your info, newly created usernames will not show up immediately in searches. It may take up to a few days before new data is included in search results. It used to be almost immediate, but that caused some problems in the system. So for the time being, we have to delay it. We hope to improve this in the future. In the mean time, if you know the username of the member, you can access the profile page directly using this address format:


e.g. http://www.travellerspoint.com/member_profile.cfm?user=TexasRTJ

by Hien

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