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Day 16 (9.17.07) - Across Minnesota to Duluth (Photo's Adde)

Things aren't as much fun when you stay up too late!

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First - I want to assure everyone that we DO read your comments! I need to edit and/or update the blog at a different web site (www.travellerspoint.com), so it is a little less convenient to read comments and reply to them within the blog itself, I usually read them from the blog management page (which doesn't let me reply to them). I'll have to work this out - but please don't assume that we aren't reading your comments if we don't post a reply! AND we very much appreciate hearing from you and getting your feedback!

Last night, I finally figured out why my blog entries weren't posting. Perhaps I got a little carried away, but ended up staying up half the night getting a few things caught up. (I had been writing in Outlook, but hadn't been able to post to the blog until last night.) So I've been a little on the grouchy side today, didn't take very many pictures, and didn't do much sightseeing. I try to avoid this, hate to waste the opportunities a trip like this can offer - but I guess we're all human (ugh). Also, we had to take care of a few chores this morning (as well as more internet catch up), so we got off to a very late start.

The weather has changed, instead of warm sunny skies as we've had the last few days, it's overcast and rainy. A thunderstorm hit last night and I had to fight some wind during the drive. The RV can handle the wind, but I have to keep my speed down. All in all, a slow day without as much 'fun' as some days (isn't life like that though?)

Before going to bed last night, we also heard a sort of screetching and mewing that was really odd. Mom thought it sounded like a racoon, so I turned off the lights and checked with a flashlight, and sure enough - a racoon tail just ran off. Of course, he didn't wait around until I could locate a camera...

This morning, I had to get out the ladder and refasten the stuff I'd moved up to the RV roof - I hadn't tied it down as well as I'd thought.

When we left Lake Itasca (pronounced I-task-a) State Park, we couldn't help notice how much the tree's in Minnesota had already started to turn to fall colors. We did take a few pictures of these. We also tried several times to take pictures of the many birds in the park - but the little twirps had the nerve to fly off as soon as I'd slow down the RV!


Even Mom got into the spirit!


We headed east on state Hwy 200 (a more rural, 2 lane road) and passed many beautiful lakes and lots of tree's. In the last few states, grasslands were the rule although we also saw tree's. In this part of Minnesota, tree's seem to be the rule, although we occasionally see cleared land. The tree's here aren't as tall as the Douglas Fir's in western Washington, mostly red or white pine and leafy tree's that change color (I need a spell checker - disidous, no desidous, no, dumb trees with leaves).

We stopped for lunch alongside a very large "Leach Lake". A car noticed our out of state plates and stopped by to investigate. Mom also got a call from a newspaper reporter in Pierre, South Dakota who had gotten our card from someone there and was asking about our trip (maybe I'd better improve my spelling, writing, attitude before this get's out?)


We passed a lot of 'resorts', not all of which appeared to be doing well. Maybe if you have 10,000 lakes - lakeside resorts aren't so special?

We also drove through two, smaller indian reservations today: the Fort du Lac Reservation and the Leach Lake Indian Reservation.

We drove through several very small towns (most under 600). When we finally got to the big city we were heading for, Grand Rapids, it only had less than 8,000 people. We had learned from the Grand Forks visitors center that Judy Garland was born in Grand Rapids and you could visit her house there. We did that, but neither of us felt like spending money on the tour or gallery (probably because I was being grouchy), so we just went through the gift shop and bought a few things. Of course, I wish I'd taken the tour (at least I bought a yellow brick, foam, but never the less - some spirit?)


We did pass a pond with a beaver dam & island on it on Hwy 2 and saw another hawk. Mom also spotted some deer.


I had wanted to go to the MN Mining Museum, but it was too late to get there today and quite a bit north of our route, so we wimped out and drove on to Duluth. I seem to have a pretty good signal (not HS, but OK), so am again trying to catch up a bit on the blog - and will shortly hit the sack and catch up on some sleep.

In case anyone has been trying to contact me, I haven't had AT&T Cellular Service for several days - e.g., no phone (my unit doesn't have 'roaming' capability. Mom's phone has 'roaming', so we've been able to make & receive calls on her phone.)


Starting Mileage: 112657, Lake Itasca MN
Ending Mileage: 112823, 20 miles west of Duluth, MN
Weather: Overcast & Raining

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I got your responses. I had indeed thought that a mall might not be exciting to you. I hadn't thought of its being near the bridge collapse. You will certainly need to take another route across the river. I hope the others are stronger! You might, though, want to see some of the downtown of the Twin Cities. Minneapolis has an interesting system of overhead walkways that can take you a long way from building to building without going out in cold weather.

by msj

It sounds like you went through Northern Minnesota. Although Duluth is a large port, it is mainly a mining town, I think. Did you know that Bob Dylan was born in Duluth? I don't think its a major tourist destination, though. Northern Wisconsin is pretty scenic. I mostly know the area from kayaking blogs and web pages about kayak trips on and around the great lakes. I got your very cute card. Thanks for the phone call, sorry I was not able to speak with you, maybe later. Que

by drque

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