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Before we left for our trip, I modified the RV to make it a better vehicle for a long trip like this. This RV (like most) has two batteries, one for the engine and a separate one for the living compartment. I installed an AD/DC inverter so we could use the DC battery in the living unit to charge devices while on the road. I had also previously had a 'splitter' installed, so the RV living unit battery would recharge while we were driving, not just the engine battery. So far we have used these extensively, since we have stayed in state parks and primitive campsites more often then we have stayed in RV parks with hookups.

I also installed an electric water heating element. Previously my water heater worked only on Propane, but I thought maybe we could avoid having to fill the propane as often if I used electric heat when we do stay in an RV park and plug in. So far, the results of this effort are mixed because we haven't stayed in RV parks that often. It does work well when I use it. We've been on the road two weeks so far and I've just filled the propane tank once - so maybe it's helped.

I also brought folding chairs and tables and had an awning installed before we left. So far, almost every campground we've stayed at has had picnic tables, even the primative one! I've decided to tie the folding tables and chairs on the roof to get them out of the way since we hardly use them. We haven't used the awning yet, it may come in very handy when we travel through the south, but since we normally only stay one night at a campground, the awning hasn't been used yet. Some RV'ers travel for a day, then stay at a campground for a week or two. Maybe for them an awning makes a lot more sense.

We have carried a couple of grocery bags of food with us, but haven't used it all yet. We have also purchased food along the way. We are probably stopping for shopping about once a week. We area also doing laundry about once a week (at RV parks). We do dishes daily and vacuum every few days (we need to be in a park with electricty to vacuum, I don't want to drain the living unit battery for this.

Mom has difficulty walking, so I put a bike rack on the back bumper and carry her walker on the bike rack. This has worked out very well and she uses her walker often to be able to walk places she otherwise couldn' t go.

We thought we could see just about the whole country in 8 months, but we were wrong! There are so many interesting things to see, we could probably spend at least a month in each state (at least the ones we've been to so far). Several people have offered suggestions about places to visit, but I don't know if we'll have time. We also thought we could make about 200 miles per day during the trip. So far, we are only averaging about 150 miles per day because we spend so much time stopping to take pictures and visiting museums or sites of interest. During my planning, I thought if I was only driving 200 miles per day (about 4 hours driving), I'd have lots of time to work on various hobbies as well as some chores from back home. So far, we are barely able to keep up the minimum chores and blog - the 'slack' time is taken up visiting interesting places, and stopping to take pictures. Maybe we're just having too much fun?

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Be sure you save up your laundry to do here. We have a wonderful Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer. We can easily run loads through while doing other stuff. And the price sure beats laundromats.

by msj

Nice to hear that, Mom says she has enough clean cloths to make it to your place, so I think we'll take you up on your offer!

by jl98584

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