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Day 203-204 - Visiting Uncle Bill & Salem (Photo's Added)

We stayed at my uncle's place in Salem through the weekend, with a couple of side trips to a Carousel, the Deepwood historic home and a couple of nice restaurants.

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We've been enjoying our visit with my Uncle Bill and his wife Gen (for Genevieve). They live just outside of Salem, Oregon in this nice ranch style home.


Saturday Gen had a previous engagement so Bill took us to see the Salem Carousel.


The top of the carousel has wood carvings with scenes from around Oregon. I don't know who picked the colors, but they are quite unusual and very beautiful.


The horses are a work of art, each one is unique and has a special name.


I was really impressed with the detailed carving also. Did you know they even offer classes in how to carve carousel horses! Of course, it helps if you live in Salem...


At first, neither Mom nor Uncle Bill wanted to ride the Carousel, so we just looked around a bit and visited the gift store. Then just as we were leaving they changed their minds - so off we rode! Some people just never grow up


!(Hopefully I'll upload some video of this at some point...)

Then Uncle Bill took us to the Deepwood Estate. There are several historic homes in Salem, but he feels this is the most interesting one. It also happens to have a some of his work - such as the spindles on the handrails. (I wonder why he wanted to pose here?)


First, we couldn't help but notice the gardens, which are almost more famous than the home. In fact, there was a special spring tour going on when we visited - only for the gardens.


Fortunatly, the house was also open for tours. We were the only people in the house tour but our tour guide was very nice and loaded with information. The house was built in 1894. In 2002, Sunset Magazine named it one of the top four historic homes to tour in the West! There is a surprising amount of stained glass in the house and of course, lovely woodwork. Unlike most homes we've toured, you are allowed to sit on the chairs! (... and don't miss that door hinge - who decorates door hinges like that!)


On the way back to Bill & Gen's place, we passed by the old Salem Train Depot. However it has been restored recently, so hardly looks old anymore!


Later while Mom was resting, I took some time with Bill, then with Gen to fill out some more information about their family history. I still have a fair amount of work to do on this, but the family tree project has a few more twigs on it (Uncle Bob did most of the work, but maybe I can add a twig or two?)

We then went out to eat at the Marco Polo Global Restaurant, interesting in that they offer different menu's depending on what style of food you want from Asian to European, get it, Marco Polo?


Saturday, the weather was actually fairly decent, so of course I waited until Sunday to try to take pictures of the birds who frequent one of the thousands of bird feeders they keep up (OK, maybe a slight exaggeration there). With Mom's help and Sibley's, we were able to identify most of them - the last one of a small grey bird eluded us. If you know what it is, please post a comment and let me know - we really tried hard to find it in Sibleys! (ps - I have a couple different angles, if it would help I could post more shots or email them to you?)


Of course, we also saw a couple of other common animals, which isn't surprising because Bill & Gen surround their house with feeders & food, although this deer seems to prefer the bird seed.


While it was cold and rainy most of Sunday, we got to see/meet another long lost cousin - Denise. She and her husband Ken and Cale (Mom thinks it's Kale) came over for a short visit.


Bill showed Ken around his shop where Denise is helping Bill build a new canoe (smaller & lighter then the one he gave me).


I also enjoyed seeing this antique treadle band saw out there!. Watch out for woodworkers, who know's what they've got stashed out under their sawdust!


Mom and Uncle Bill always seem to have a good time when they get together, Gen and I try not to get in their way too much (I think Gen's better at it then I am though).

Tomorrow we're heading back to the coast again and will continue our journey northward, stopping at least at Tillimook, Fort Clatsop, and who knows where...


Miles Driven - 0, Cumulative - 19,158
Camped at Bill & Gen's near Salem, OR

Provisions: Dinner at Marco Polo (I had to contribute something?)

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Jeanette, I think we have too many uncles, or something, Mom's bro is named... Bill, not Bob, that's Dad's bro. Maybe you've just been on the road too long and its all starting to blend together. Well, you only have another week or so, you can do it!! Cape Flattery Ho!! then less than a day's drive back to Shelton. I have been known to go from Seattle to cape flattery and back in a (very long) day. It will be good to have you back, and will probably feel very roomy in your house after being in that RV so many months.

by drque

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