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Day 200 - We Make It to Oregon (Photo's Added)

After collecting more river rocks, we drove north through more redwood forests, saw elk, beaches, fog, rain and sunshine - then finally cross the border to Oregon!

rain 52 °F

This morning I again headed down to Agate Beach to see what I could find. It was raining slightly and the other campers didn't seem to be up yet, so I was able to find some nice agates that had washed up with the tide changes. Nicer to look before the beach has been picked over by the early birds! We also picked up a brochure about Patrick's Point State Park from the Ranger station and found out that there is a recreated Yurok village and native garden, although these are more for the summer season. Also, while this SP is in the heart of northern California's Redwood country, it doesn't have very many redwoods in it. Just one of those unique local ecosystems mother nature can create.

After stowing my rocks, we continued up the coast on Hwy 101. The road turned slightly inland for a few miles and was an interesting mix of clear sky and fog. We thought the sight of the fog mixing in the tree's was cool, so I pulled over to take a picture (not sure what the highway patrol thinks of tourists pulling over like this, but we haven't gotten in trouble for it yet, so guess we're not too far over the line.) There were also a couple of Turkey Vultures hanging out, so I tried to catch one in the shot.


A few miles further we drove through Redwood National Park. A sign said there was Elk viewing off a side road, so I decided to take a look. Water was all over the road but another car drove across while I was debating what to do and it didn't look too deep - so I went on through also. Probably gave the RV's undercarriage a bit of a wash. There was a large parking area, interpretive signs, and a few elk - one bull and four or five females. Although the signs warned to stay back (which we did) as they are wild animals and can attack, they pretty much ignored us.


These three cows were about 50 to 100 feet to the left of the bull and the other cow, funny, the grass doesn't look greener over here?


While there weren't that many elk by the eld overlook, when we got back on Hwy 101 we passed a large herd of about 40 elk by an old, abandoned house. Of course, there wasn't any fancy parking lot nor interpretive signs, but I pulled over and got a few shots, we got back on the road quickly however since the park service really trys to discourage tourists from stopping along the road to see elk. I guess the Elk don't always hang out where the park service tells them to either...


We did stop at a beach in Redwood National Park that Mom had remembered camping at years ago with my brother and his family. However overnight camping is no longer allowed there due to too many problems (campers fighting, etc.). This is unfortunate as it really was a lovely beach. For some reason, I didn't take any pictures there except for the sign - which I find interesting...


Hmm, sort of takes some of the fun out of a day at the beach? Of course, losing a loved one to a 'sneaker wave' wouldn't be much fun, so I suppose a little warning (or common sense) might be in order.

Anyway, we continued north and passed Crescent City. Since we'd been in CA for a month already, I was bound and determined to get to Oregon today or else, so just stopped at the overlook and took a couple of pictures. I thought eight months would be more than enough time to see the country - now I'm beginning to think the trip has been more of a 'scratch the surface' look - I can't say we saw Crescent City just because I took a couple of pictures from an overlook! At any rate, here are what I have:


A little farther north, just before the Oregon border - we drove through an area with some tourism (summer mostly I suppose). What really caught my eye was this gift shop (closed unfortunately). I have a new plan - maybe I'll build a new home along these lines (without the parking lot of course. Sometimes you see old Navy boats for sale.)


And - believe it or not - we actually made it to Oregon! We've stopped for pictures and updating the map at most of the state lines we cross (if the highway allows for it), but I don't usually upload the shots as they seem rather repetive. However this is such a milestone for us since Oregon is the last state before we get back to home turf - it seems a couple of 'you were there' shots would be fitting.


And of course, our trip map (This might also provide some clarification for those who weren't sure what I meant by 'circumnavigation of the US')...


About ten miles into Oregon we found a Harris Beach State Park with camping. I have to say, we really like the Oregon State Parks! The prices are reasonable (less than CA, fancy that) plus they have hookups at several! RV friendly State Park Assessment: CA state parks were nice, OR's are better.

I hiked down to one of the beaches that isn't accessable by car and took some pictures of the rock formations here - quite impressive. We'll drive down together to the other beach (with easier access for Mom) in the morning - she is usually not up for evening activities so I figured I'd hit the hard one tonight while she rests. Hope you enjoy the shots as much as I enjoyed taking them.


I also uploaded more pictures from the week we spent at my brothers, so it may take me a couple of days to get them all labeled and saved. We're only about a week from home, but looks like I'll be working on the blog for a few days after we get back to get it all caught up!


Miles Driven - 87, Cumulative - 18,858
Camped at Harris Beach State Park

Provisions - Gas $33.00 for 9.432 gallons at 128,745

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I love your shots of the beaches, the fog, and the OR coastline.

by msj

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