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Day 172-174 - Near San Diego, Taxes Done (Not)!

I had to take care of some business this morning, but we did make it to a CG near San Diego. We stayed there three nights so I could do my taxes (Ugh!) Back to sightseeing tomorrow.

storm 65 °F

When I checked my email last night, something came up that had to be dealt with this morning, so we just sat tight until it was done.

All night long, the wind had howled, but we were snug in the rig and didn't pay much attention to it. This afternoon when we finally got underway, the wind continued to howl. Now it affected us a bit - I could drive, but stayed under 40 mph all day. So between the late start and the slow driving, we didn't get very far or do very much.

One thing Mom contributed: while I worked on my stuff, she added markers to the CA, OR & WA maps where all the membership campgrounds were located. We found one only about 25 miles east of San Diego, so made reservations there for three nights. (The theory being I'll finally get my taxes done?)

On the way, we had to drive through some very steep, rocky mountains. I was fighting off a nasty headache, so didn't bother to stop much for pictures, but Mom got creative and shot this one at least.


We got off to take Hwy 94 the rest of the way because the map showed it as a scenic route. It was pretty scenic, more live oaks and lots of very green grass (CA get's its rain in the winter). We did pass some interesting looking things, but we were so late I didn't stop. The last twenty or so miles we drove through a lot of burned tree's and hillsides.


When we got to the campground, they said there had been a huge fire last October and it pretty much burned everything in it's path. However, there were also many places where the grass was already lush and green. Even though the trees still look burned out, there are places where green leaves are starting to come back. This is more like things looked around the campground, green grass but burned trees.


The wind had been very difficult to drive through, so Mom & I sat in their hot tub about 20 minutes, but at least got unwound a bit. I've been working on the Yuma blog - I think the problem is that we're just having too much fun - too many pictures = very slow updates (and to think of all the pictures I didn't upload)!

Thursday, I worked a little on the taxes but had some estate/trust problems to work on (hopefully will have an update for folks shortly). There is hardly any cell phone service in this camground, and I can only use the internet if I park myself in the Adult Lounge, so this didn't turn out to be such a smart stop for doing business as I'd hoped. Awkward, but I think I've got it done now. My taxes have never been so complicated before, several extra schedules and forms that I haven't had to work with previously. Ah the fun we have... Anyway, MY 2007 TAXES ARE DONE!!!

--- Ugly Update, before I stuck all the tax forms in the envelope, I had a nagging feeling that I hadn't handled the mortgage interest correctly. Looked it up - there's yet another form I have to fill out - will probably owe money afterall. We'll get back on the road tomorrow regardless, but I guess I'm not quite done afterall (sad face) ---

We're back on track tomorrow (Saturday) - we'll head on down to Border SP, south of San Diego and check off the 3rd 'corner' on our circumnavigation!


Miles Driven - 94, Cumulative - 16,933
Camped at Pio Pico Thousand Trails Campground near Lake Otey, CA (East of Chula Vista)

Provisions - Gas $17.50 for 4.862 gallons at 126,757 (not a fillup) and $25.73 for 7.799 gallons at 126,773, Jacumba, CA

Wildlife - lots of birds, but we didn't stop much to identify them. We heard a pack of coyote's at night (sounded like young ones).

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