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Day 160 - Passing Thru El Paso (Photo's Added)

We skipped Fort Davis and headed straight for El Paso, not much in between I'm afraid

sunny 64 °F

After rechecking the tourist brochures and map, I found that the road north from Fort Davis is a steep, winding mountain road, not recommended for RV's. I think we could have made it, but since Mom is afraid of cliffs and it would have been pretty slow going, I elected to head west on Hwy 90 to El Paso instead. I know there's not much to see on I-10 in West Texas, but little did I know Hwy 90 was as bad, if not worse.

This is the first day on the trip so far where we didn't find anything of consequence to stop for. We did stop at a couple of roadside markers, but nothing worth mentioning. For the most part, we just kept driving. At one point we saw a really odd shape ahead in the distance that I thought might have been a hot air balloon, but as we continued driving, it seemed to be moving away too fast to be a balloon. We probably drove 15 or 20 minutes with it staying just far enough away that we couldn't tell what it was. Then finally, it turned and started going down (it wasn't very high to begin with, maybe a few hundred feet?) As we got closer, we could tell that it was some sort of blimp. It appeared to be docking at this white disk shaped structure. As we passed the entrance to the installation, the sign identified it as an Air Force Base. My guess is that this has something to do with Border Patrol.


Shortly after passing the AF Base, we passed a sign about the Marfa Lights. This is some sort of phenomenon where red lights appear on the desert for no explained reason. The county has set up a viewing platform, but since it was daytime when we passed through, there was nothing to observe for us. The town of Marfa is a little interesting also. However, the museum was closed when we stopped by, so we took a few pictures of the architecture (Church, City Hall and Hotel) and moved on.


After passing Marfa, there was very little else to see. We drove through a small town called Lobo, with no services. Some buildings were occupied, but it also had a lot of abandoned buildings and appeared almost to be a ghost town. Mostly we just drove through desert - brown, dry desert. Occasionally we saw pivot irrigation systems and cattle. Once we actually spotted an antelope! It seems these were almost hunted into extinction (in Texas that is), but they are starting to make a comeback. I had been wondering why we hadn't seen hardly any wildlife in Texas - but we have seen a lot of hunter's blinds.


This was pretty much it. We made it to El Paso this evening after a hard days drive (237 miles in leaky old boat). I'm not sure why this bothered me, I've always liked deserts and solitude in the past, but for some reason, both Mom and I are tired of seeing so much brown desert. Perhaps we just enjoyed the ocean and beaches for so long as we followed the east coast down to Florida, then back up along the gulf that I'd forgotten how to relax and enjoy the quiet and great expanse of the old west. For the moment at least, I miss the coastal birds, tree's and water.


Miles Driven - 226
Camped at El Paso Wal-mart

Provisions Obtained: Propane ($8.68), Gas $26.85, 9.26 gallons at 125,287 and $23.68, 8.46 gallons at 125,400

Wildlife - Hawk, antelope
Domestic - Cattle, Horses, Sheep

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We usually drive from San Antonio to El Paso at 3am, we don't much like the long haul in the day time. But it is interesting when it is your first time driving through. Also can be interesting when you stop at the museums and small towns. That is pretty much all that is there..

by rllomas

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