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Day 155 - San Antonio & Texas Hill Country

We visited a ranch area north of San Antonio, the German immigrant town of Boerne, and the San Antonio River Walk (at night!)


While we've enjoyed just visiting my sister, Becky, and her family - she also wanted to make sure we got to see some of the area around San Antonio that she really loves. So this morning, we decided to head up to a small town they liked. First however, everybody got charged up with some good old Seattle refreshments!


Becky and Raul took us through some of the Texas Hill Country to the north of San Antonio. If you want to know what she considers the ideal lifestyle, check this out. We even managed to find a longhorn (cattle, that is, Texas style)


Then we drove to the town of Boerne which was largely settled by German immigrants in the mid 1800's and still retains some of that flavor. The town is on the Cibolo Creek, which has been dammed up to make a nifty duck pond. Of course, this was probably done originally to power a mill or something, but today it's just a pond. And once again, my birding fails me - if someone knows what kind of duck this is, please post a comment and let us know?


The downtown area was just around the corner from Cibolo Creek. It looks fairly typical for small towns we've seen in this part of Texas (as well as elsewhere).


One thing that's a little different is that some of the buildings have 'Historical Marker' signs out front. This one is identified as the Staffel Store, founded by August and Bertha Staffel who immigrated from Germany in 1852.


We had lunch in Boerne in a little place called the "Bear Moon Bakery & Cafe", which was quite good, then headed back to my sister's place. Becky had to run some errands and Raul was feeling a little under the weather (Cedar Fever?), so Mom and I relaxed in the RV for a bit (I got some work done on the blog I think?).

Later, Becky really wanted to take us to the San Antonio River Walk. Both Mom & I had seen this before, but it had been many, many years ago - long before the age of blogging. So off we went, it was already pretty late but fortunately I didn't have to drive (San Antonio streets are complicated).

We got to the River Walk Mall after dark and proceded down to the water level. A music vendor was playing some of the CD's his group produced and Mom really liked it, so Becky bought her a CD. We'll play this during our trip as we drive - along with all the CD's we brought along and have already purchased on the trip.


We also took a few pictures by the water. It was pretty dark so many of the pictures I took didn't come out very well, but I got a few.


Becky found out that the river boat cruises were still running, even though it was dark! She treated us to a cruise down the river with our guide, John.


John was quite a cut up, but also very knowledgable. He pointed out a lot of interesting tidbits about the hotels and restaurants along the cruise as well as some of the history of the River Walk. Of course, it was too dark to take pictures and we were sitting in a tour boat, so some of the pictures I did get have people's heads in them (or parts of heads). Ugh. There are a couple I could use however, which might give you some idea of the types of things we saw on the cruise. Here is the river entrance to the Aztec Theater, then also a tree that is growing from the side of a building, quite odd.


Finally, once we were done cruising the San Antonio River, Becky took us to one of her favorite restaurants in San Antonio (or the favorite) - Mi Tierra Cafe, which also has the famed (?) Mariachi Bar.


We were all resolved to just eat a light snack, but somehow ended up ordering full meals and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. The restaurant is decorated with lots of lights and Mexican brick-a-brack, very well done. We all enjoyed ourselves.


I guess we enjoyed ourselves a little too much since we didn't get home until 11:30 PM! (If you were wondering why I didn't get the blog done last night?) Even so, I stayed up a few more minutes to get the skinny on the Superbowl (I seem to be the only one curious from this part of the family - looks like it was a good one.) We're planning to head out tomorrow morning, so I needed to try to get some sleep.


Miles Driven - 0 (still visiting my Sister's family)
Camped at - my sister's house in San Antonio

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We really did have a wonderful visit. I do enjoy so many things in San Antonio, but I couldn't show everything. We'll do more in another trip. The longhorn turned out very nice. He had a friend, but they were a little shy. As many times as I have taken the river boat tour, it is always a nice experience. We were on the boat with a group from the dermatology association meeting, the group with us was from Spain. It is always interesting to see how many places people come from when they visit San Antonio.
Mi Tierra's is owned by the original family, it means my land or my earth...it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has one of the most extensive, as well as delicious mexican bakeries or panderias. We were very lucky because we did not have to wait for a table. Ususally there is about a 1 hour wait and it can be very crowded. The time of day and the superbowl were our friends.
There are so many cultures in San Antonio. The Germans settled to the north, so Boerne, New Braunfels, Fredricksburg all have German origins. Lots of antiques, gift shops and always good food. The south west is Alsation, the south east is Polish. Of course, this was Mexico at one time (not really immigrants) and other groups through the years.
Next time we'll have to go to the museum of Texas Cultures. There is usually so much going on in this area, I can't do it all. But that is a good thing.
I loved the company, the visiting and at least we did something beside "Seattle Starbucks"....

by rllomas

Hi Becky! Is Mi Tierra the place in the Market Square area you took us to? It was good. Sounds like you gave Phyllis and Jeanette a real Texas welcome. We had fun with them here, and it was hard to choose what to show them with such limited time, so I understand your quandary. Kathy and I send our greetings to you and your family. Let us know when you're in the Houston area sometime.

by TexasRTJ

I, too, was wondering if Mi Tierra is the place you took us a couple of years ago. That was certainly a good one, and we have fond memories of our time together there. Let us know, too, when you can come up MI way.

by msj

Yes, it is. We really did have a great time. I will always remember our lunch. It is kindof a "can't miss it" place due to the decorations and the great festive feeling. There are alot of great food places here, but the ambiance is unforgetable at Mi Tierra's.
I hope to get to Houston area. I want to go to Galviston and to the Gardens. I have heard there are great concerts in the Woodlands or woodlawn.
I would also like to go to Michigan, I have never been there. You never know.
We have been so busy working, I think that Jeannette is doing a great thing heading out and seeing the USA as she is. I know mom is enjoying her trip as well.

by rllomas

it sounds like you had a great time in San Antonio. You really packed a lot into one day! It seems like there is a lot to do almost anywhere you go nowdays, and you really can't do it all... more to do next time...

by drque

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