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Day 152-154 - Visiting My Sister's Family

We are having a great visit with my sister, Becky, and her family in San Antonio, but haven't really done much sightseeing here.

sunny 67 °F

When we first got to San Antonio, my sister and her family were all at work. They also had to work some Thursday and Friday, so Mom and I had plenty of time to tidy up the RV, reorganize a cabinet that had been bugging us, and get all our books and gift shop booty boxed up to send home. I did some work on the blog, paid some bills and cleaned up one of my email accounts (many ugh's).

Friday, Becky took us by the Hospital where she works as a Director on one of the post op floors. She introduced us to some of her nurses and staff and showed us some of the things she's set up to improve performance and morale. It appears to me that she's really found her nitch. I've got to say, I'm quite proud of my baby sister!


On the way home, she made arrangements to meet her son, David, and his girlfriend, Kara and her son Kaden at an 'authentic Texas restaurant', Logan's Roadhouse. Fortunately we got there before the rush and got seated fairly quickly. By the time we left however, the line was really backed up.


Of course, Mom and Becky couldn't help horsing around a little. Like mother, like daughter I guess.


David and Ana both work for Smith Barney and work Sunday through Thursday. Ana is currently living at home with Becky & Raul, so we were able to spend quite a bit of time with her Friday and Saturday and some with David Friday & Saturday evenings. Becky & Raul work M-F, but different shifts, so it's been interesting trying to figure out who's doing what, when.

Their neighborhood has a large number of deer roaming around. It's hard not to see them as you drive around, or anytime you're outdoors really. I took a walk this morning and encountered at least six. These two were the most photogenic however.


Like everyone else in our family (I think), Becky and her family seem to be fond of pets. Becky & Raul have four dogs They had two, that had puppies, of which two are still left. Anyone need a dog? Anyway, I did get some pictures of Becky with all four dogs, but liked this one better - just FYI, the two that are missing are both black, with just a white patch or so.


Ana is keeping the streek alive, she has a very large, strong willed cat.


Everyone was dragging a little, seems the Cedar tree's here cause a lot of problems with their pollen for a couple of weeks every year - which is happening right now. We've all be sniffling, watery eyes, stuffed up, runny noses, etc., so haven't felt too much like running around excessively. We played some Rummy Cubes, then Mom and Ana started playing Chinese Checkers.


This afternoon, Becky had some errands to run and Raul and Ana's boyfriend, Aaron decided to go hunt down some provisions for a big BBQ tonight. Ana took Mom and I up to Guadalupe State Park. The Guadalupe River runs through Limestone cliffs here and is a popular rafting destination (although the river is a bit low right now).


Ana decided to wade over to a large rock and see if she could climb it. Mom just enjoyed sitting in the warm sun and I attempted to revive the ancient skill of rock skipping (with some limited success)


When we got back, Raul got the BBQ started, but prefered to have 'someone pretty' in the photograph, so drafted Kara to pose with the feast.


So all in all we've just had a fun time with a nice, normal family visit the last few days. Bit of a change of pace for this trip, but not totally as we've stopped to visit family whenever our trip allows. There will be plenty of time to check out brown signs when we hit the road again.

Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow (Sunday), but Mom and I will probably hit the road again Monday morning.


Miles Driven - 0
Camped at my sister's house

Provisions - I had to buy an extension cord to plug in the RV (I imagine Lewis & Clark would have given their eye tooth for such amenities). Decongestant - seems San Antonio is plagued with "Cedar Fever" this time of year, even people normally without allergies are suffering.

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My office is usually filled, if I could have a day or two to just keep it in order.
It is a very busy job, and trying to keep my friends are work and my family both flowing, is more than full time. But I like it.
We are really enjoying the visit and will look today for a more cultural experience.

by rllomas

Well you finally made it to Becky's, on time and everything. I have to find my address book so I can send her the birthday present I got her. it sounds like you are having a good time at Becky and Raul's. David's girlfriend and her kid look nice. I hadn't seen photos of them before. Deer near her house, I guess she lives out in the country a bit, as she likes to do.

by drque

Hey, I like it.

by rllomas

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