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Day 6 (9.7.07) - Montana 'Front Range' (Photos Added)

Driving South from Browning to Helena

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Starthing Mileage: 110728, 8 Mi. N of Browning, MT
Ending Mileage: 110912, East Helena, MT
Weather: Cool, Overcast

We did see some mule deer today, as well as lots of cattle & horses. I've lost track of exactly where I took these pictures, but they are between Glacier NP and Helena! The cowboy was out riding with his dog, it was just too 'old west' to resist:


Along the Montana highways (as well as elsewhere I believe), we kept seeing 'Open Range' road signs. We finally figured out what this means (do you see any fences?):


(The above photo's were probably taken on 9/6, I just forgot to post them, but it was evening which is why they're a little darker). The campground we stayed in the night before was
windsept and bleak, so I decided not to depress myself and post pictures of it. It was only about 5 miles north of Browning, and we left it as quickly as we could. Heading on into Browning, we saw the "Museum of the Plains Indians" just at the road junction we needed to turn, so decided to give it a look. Unfortunately, they didn't allow any photography within the museum, so we can't show you some of the neat stuff they had. You can see Mom using her walker to head into the museum however (I'm sure glad we brought that - she's been able to get around to a lot of the places we go because of it.)


The museum had displays explaining a lot about indian clothing, tribes and daily life. They also had a couple of diarama's that were very interesting. One thing I learned is that they migrated using two poles that held a platform for their belongings. The poles would be towed by dogs, and later horses, and dragged on the ground.

After the museum, I went a little farther into Browning to get gas and Mom saw a Blackfeet Interpretive Center and Gift shop across the street. They had this neat statue out front of a cowboy riding a bull, but I should have walked across also to get a better angle (I was still grouchy from the lousy campground the night before I think, so stayed in the RV).


Just south of Browning, we entered the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. This picture is from the display at the south end as we left the reservation, but I thought it would be interesting to show it here. Mom had me zoom in and take several shots of the details, but I think they show up OK so will just post the one shot:


There were a lot of interesting signs along the road pointing out locations of historical interest. Here is one, followed by a shot of the location it describes (Heart Mountian is in the background). I have many more, but won't upload them to save space & time (if you want me to email them to you, let me know).


As we drove south from Browning to Helena, Montana - we could almost always see the Rocky Mountains to our right. This area is called the "Front Range" and was used as a historical migration path by the plains indians, probably because it was so easy to navigate with the mountains always in sight. I finally decided to try different filters on my camera and actually took several versions of this shot. I'm not sure I learned much from the exercise, but it's fun to play around (maybe I'll get the hang of it yet - fortuantely my camera is pretty forgiving and takes decent pictures without my help).


I think I actually took this farther north (before we entered the reservation), but lost track of exactly where. We saw a lot of examples of new log cabins throughout the rocky mountain states. People in this area really seem to embrace the lore of the old west:


I also failed to note exactly where Egg Mountain was, but you might find the sign more interesting than the spot:


Somewhere along this route, we had to stop for about 20 minutes to wait for a pilot car to escort us along 9 miles of road work (or maybe 12, I've forgotten already). Clair informed us that there are only two seasons in Montana: Winter and 'Road Work'! She also said some of the odd land shapes we were seeing (see the hills in the background) were caused by Wind Erosion (I guess this is a common feature of the 'front range' area):


When we got to Helena, it was too late to check out the museum, so we got gas and drove on to East Helena. The map showed several nice state parks along the road to Bozeman, but I pulled off the highway to check out one more historical sight and decided to just stay there for the night. If you think your house is too small, check this out:


The homestead building is only about 16' by 16'. I don't know if the kids complained much, but they were probably glad just to have a roof over their heads back then. So we proceded to get some supper on the table when Mom exclaimed "Look at that sunset!". Of course we grabbed our cameras...


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