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Day 124 - Miami Everglades RV Campground

We did 'hunker down' today to avoid driving in the high winds, did chores (again!) and had one more visit with Mike

storm 58 °F


Miles Driven - 0
Weather - Very Cold and Windy, especially in the Morning
Camped at Miami Everglades RV Park


I'm beginning to think some of the fancy RV campgrounds are like Cruise ships. They have activities and a sort of community that develops. People travel with the RV park as the destination, not to stay at the park while traveling to other destinations. I'm a different sort of traveller, just using the campground as a base of support while I travel to different destinations. Guess it's just a case of different strokes for different folks. (Anybody want to buy a campground membership?)


Not much to write about today, but Mom had been telling folks about the RV campground (Big Pool, Hot Tub, etc.) so I thought I'd throw in a few pic's. Of course, I didn't think about this until now that a cold storm has come to town, but it was hot and sunny earlier this week, and it probably will be again soon.

Here is the clubhouse and volleyball court. They have parties, movies and pot lucks in the clubhouse and volleyball every afternoon at 2 PM. For some reason, neither of us took advantage of these activities this trip. I normally love volleyball, but guess I was just in need of some visiting (with Mike), chores, and blog updating...


Here is the pool. The guy was cleaning it when I finally remembered to get my camera out, so the gate was locked and this was as close as I could get. I estimate it was about 40 feet across, 3 feet deep at the sides and 6 feet deep in the center. It really was nice. The hot tub is out of view to the left, but just a normal hot tub (no pic available). We both used the pool & hot tub, several times...


Also, this tree was right next to the RV all week. Mom and I both thought it was pretty cool.


My son, Mike came by Thursday evening to join us for dinner. He was tired and didn't feel like driving too far so we tried a rib joint down the road. Mixed reviews I'd say. Maybe I was just down a bit, as I realized I probably wouldn't be able to see him for some time, maybe a couple of years - as I will be going back to work as soon as I get home to pay for the trip, so won't have any more money or time off for travel for a long time...


So we leave Miami on a bit of a sad note, but are also really looking forward to moving on and getting back to sightseeing (and learning) again. Tomorrow - Key West or Bust (wind or no wind).

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