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Day 116-118 - Atlanta to Miami (Photo's Added)

We arrived in Miami to spend time with my son before he has to go back to work. We drove pretty hard but arrived safely. Not much time for sightseeing, but we'll get back to that shortly

semi-overcast 58 °F


Miles Driven - Wednesday - 134 (left Melissa & Guys about 1 PM, drove from Atlanta, GA to Macon GA)
Thursday - 377 (Macon, GA to Tampa, FL)
Friday - 276 (Tampa, FL to Miami, FL)
Weather - It did stop raining Wednesday, cleared up and finally started to warm up to maybe the high 60's. Continued to get warmer, 70 by FL, 80 by South FL
Camped at:
Wednesday: Camping World just south of Macon. (Yeh! I finally got to replace some broken things in the Rig!)
Thursday: Made a reservation at a nice campground near Fort Meyers, but was unable to drive that far so we stayed at a rest area just south of Tampa.
Friday: We're at Miami Everglades Campground now, hot tub, swimming pool, etc. etc. etc.


I think I'm almost caught up with the blog now, will try not to start falling behind again?

Lousy holiday traffic trying to leave Atlanta, took about 2 hours to go 30 miles. We only made it just past Macon, partly due to not leaving until after lunch, partly due to the traffic. This will be offset some by the weather, it's forecast to be 80 F the whole time we'll be there... (Cancel that, big cold front came through, was +80 F through New Years Eve, 50 F after that)

More accidents on I75 in FL, second one near Tampa was some sort of rollover accident complete with heliocopter, with the heavy holiday traffic, each accident seems to cause serious slowdowns, probably because there is so much holiday traffic on the road to begin with, but we finally got to Miami safe & sound.


My son, Michael, is a teacher in the Miami area. Since he'll have to go back to work after New Years when the Christmas Break is over, we're going to hit the freeway for the 700+ miles from Atlanta to Miama. I'd like to get there by Friday night (normally quite achievable, but we're talking about me, who rarely make over 100 miles per day on this trip!). So anyway, I'm going to try driving hard the next couple of days and just pretend I don't see anything worth stopping for.

BTW - we visited Melissa again this morning (12/26) before she left for work then hit the road. It was fun getting to see her again and meeting Guy and some of his family. We didn't do any other sightseeing in Atlanta, but those are the tradeoff's. Family is important also.

We stopped at the visitors center just after crossing into Florida - LOTS of people come here for the holiday break and the huge parking lot was full. We took out enough time to update our travel maps - Florida is the 1/2 point of the trip - so this one is a pretty big deal for us.


12/29/07 Update - we did finally make it to Miami safe & sound. It was so hard driving by all those sightseeing activities, I think we've both come to enjoy stopping and learning about all sorts of different things. We did make one side trip to the beach at Sarasota (took a lot longer then I expected). There were a lot of brown pelicans and turns (forked tail, unlike seagulls). They were both diving for fish, quite interesting. Mom took a few minutes to play in the sand, which was very soft. I spent my time trying to get photo's of the pelican's diving...


We also stopped in the Everglades once and saw plenty of alligators. This was actually at the visitors center for the Big Cyprus National Preserve, which is on the north end of the everglades. We also saw lots of birds while driving through the Everglades, they aren't very far from our campground so we may make a day trip back there just for fun.


Mike came by the campground last night, it was nice seeing him again. He is off the next several days so we'll be able to visit quite a bit. Not sure how much time will be left for blogging, but as usual will fit in what I can...

Will try to catch up on this off and on, pool should be open now, so we're heading off for a morning swim...

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Just eatin' up the miles there... I just got the January edition of sea kayaker magazine and it had an article about kayaking around Little Tybee Island. There was a photo you probably didn't see of the fort from the water. There were still several cannon ball holes in the water side of the fort. It would be fun to kayak there sometime, I know, dream on, but if we don't have our dreams, what do we have?

by drque

I'm glad you made it to Miami by Friday. sorry you didn't have much time for seeing the sights. Yes, by all means get back to the Everglades. If possible, take a boat tour. Are you anywhere near the wintering grounds for Manatees? I have heard its pretty neat to visit. Mom is probably very glad to be in 80 degree weather. You may never get her away from Florida... ha ha. We're having half that temp here in Seattle, if we're lucky. Its gray, not raining, ...yet... We're just enjoying not doing very much on our vacation. Have a good time visiting with Mike and Debbie if she's around. I'm sure Mom will enjoy collecting that white white white Florida sand.

by drque

So you must be having such a great time you can't even do placeholders! We just spent several hours putting the office back together after having Vivian's part painted. We're exhausted, but ready for tomorrow when we go back to work.

by drque

Ah yes, vacations. Love them, but work is what fulfills us. Glad your xmas thing went well also.

Mom was really reveling in the 80 degree's, then it dropped back down to 40's and 50's so maybe she'll be willing to leave FL afterall?

It was fun seeing Mike again. Debbie has been upset with me, so avoided us this trip, which bothered Mike a bit.

We're heading to Key West today, the winds were supposed to die down a bit, but am not sure. Going to risk it anyway, but we may have to go pretty slowly...

by jl98584

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