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Day 112-115 - Macon & Christmas (Photo's Added)

Took a Trolley through Macon and saw many stately homes & churches, fancy new museums. Toured the Hay house, on A&E's show: America's Castles



Miles Driven - 117
Weather - Overcast, light rain late in afternoon
Camped at - Brookwood CG, North of Atlanta (about 10 miles from Melissa & Guy's)


I'm out of musings. No opinions tonight - is that a cop out?


Since we only had a couple hours driving today to get to Atlanta , we decided to check out Macon a little bit this morning. (We thought. I forgot to factor in the fender benders on the Atlanta highways however.) The folks at the Visitor's Center were exceedingly friendly and I wasn't sure I'd be able to get Mom back on the road! The visitor's center in Macon is less than a year old, a very nicely refurbished old brick building.


We took a trolley through the downtown area. There is a lot of old architecture and interesting homes and churches. They also have the Georgia Music Hall of Fame (Otis Redding, Little Richard, Allman Brothers Band) and a Georgia Atheletes Hall of Fame.


We did tour one old mansion, the Hay House. Very nice, built by a Jeweler, Wm Johnston, who made a fortune investing in various things, especially railroads. He became so wealthy he retired at 40, got married shortly thereafter and spent a three year honeymoon in Europe. When the couple got back, they wanted a house built in Italian Renaissance Revival style such as some they'd seen in Europe. Their home was built between 1855 and 1859 at a total cost of $125,000 (most mansions in the area were costing $6,000 to $12,000 at the time). It has 18,000 square feet and some of the best examples of trompe l'oeil around (French for "fool the eye"). The main entry hall looks like lavish marble from floor to ceiling (which is two stories high in places). It was painted by Swiss painter Auguste Tripod. No matter how closely I looked at the faux marble, it still looked real to me.

Unfortunately, no photography is allowed inside except for a couple of areas in the basement. So here are my exterior shots. I'll bring home a few postcards showing the inside (or perhaps you can located it on an AMC Video on America's Castles - Railroad Baron's, which featured the house). Here's what I could get (notice the faux wood trim in this basement room - painted trim on wood).


We finally left for Atlanta shortly after lunch (Sorry, had to skip the HOF's and a Tubman museum). I was a bit sleepy this afternoon for some reason, not sure why. Lots of fender bender's on I75 approaching Atlanta, lots of police cars pulling people over for speeding, not me of course although I'm occasionally at risk of being pulled over for not going fast enough! Not today though, we made it to Atlanta just fine and found the campground we'd made reservations at just fine.

We'll be in Atlanta until the day after Christmas, then head forthwith to Miami, so won't be doing much of the usual touring. Will have a few short updates.

Melissa stopped by the RV after work briefly and we had a nice visit.

Sunday Melissa got called into work afterall (she had scheduled it as a day off, but someone else got sick.) So we spent the morning resting and doing some chores (laundry, etc.). I took a stab at rebuilding the shelves in the RV closet, which had collapsed some time ago. Since the screws hadn't held up too well, I took a stab at using Duct Tape - who knows, it will probably hold up at least until we get back!

In the Afternoon, we drove over to Melissa & Guy's house and finally got to meet Guy (pronounced Gee). Melissa is my niece, she married Guy a couple of years ago in Atlanta and I hadn't had a chance to meet him yet (his brother, J.C. did come to Seattle last winter so we met J.C., just not Guy.) I tried to help Melissa fix lunch, fortunately she's a good enough cook to overcome my feeble efforts - but it was fun visiting.

Later we went over to J.C's house and met Bea, J.C.'s fiance and some nephews (Paul, Martin, David). I'm turning into a space case as I forgot to take pictures of the kids. However, I did get a picture of Mom, Guy's father, J.C., and Guy on Christmas on Tuesday.


Here's a picture of Bea, Guy and Melissa.


Monday - some shopping and chores in the morning, a little work on the blog in the afternoon. Melissa and Guy got home later so we visited them in the evening and helped Melissa learn Rummy Cubes (I think she & Mom beat me in every game). We spent the evening with Melissa, several rounds of Rummy Cubes (a favorite family game), then enjoyed sharing/updating some family history (geneology). Missy wants a big Christmas breakfast, so Mom & I are risking staying in the apartment complex parking lot tonight. We figure if they're mean enough to tow us on Christmas Eve, well so be it... (...we didn't get towed)

Christmas we had breakfast with Melissa while Guy slept in. She enjoys cooking (and is a good cook), but often doesn't have time to cook much as she is working and out of town quite a bit. So she really cooked up a storm for Christmas dinner this afternoon. I had learned that she is interested in her geneology and has done a very nice page in her scrapbook for a couple of generations, so I printed her some pages of our family tree and pictures of relatives she hadn't had before. Later, J.C and Bea came over with Guy's father and a family friend (Roland?) and we all shared Melissa's cooking. Ate too much, enjoyed the company - now am really ready to crash for the night...


One last pic - Simon, Melissa & Guy's cat. He has a most unusual mew, sounds more like a mouse than a cat! He also plays fetch - better then many dogs I've seen.


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be sure to tell Melissa and Guy hi for us. I am glad you actually made it to Atlanta on time!! with time to still do a bit of touring even. We've been manically geting ready for the big "do" on xmas afternoon and evening. I did get in a hike with friends through the Arboretum. There's a winter garden with various colors of bark, shapes of stems and scents. Yes, the witchhazel blooms in winter, as do several other plants, usually with tiny flowers, and the witchazel smells wonderfull. The arboretum looks different in winter, but still beautiful in a quiescent way. It was raining the whole hike, but we were all dressed for it. I did loan my frog rain boots to a woman who's shoes were slicker than she had expected. She enjoyed going through puddles with the boots. I helped Vivian the rest of the afternoon, cleaning and making apple pies and and and... I am sure you will enjoy your visit with Melissa and Guy. Merry Christmas to you all.

by drque

Yes, do enjoy the holiday. It sounds like everyone is gearing up. I was baking yesterday and today. I am trying to make short bread cookies.. never did that before. Found a mold and so, we'll see. I am baking, everyone else is sleeping. It is 1 am. I have to do payroll and an eval then I will come home to make the Mole for tonight. We will celebrate tonight when David gets off work..

by rllomas

Nice to find another entry here--and to know that you have reached Atlanta okay. Tell Melissa and Guy hello for me, too. I hope to meet Guy someday. Here, we've hardly known it's Christmas Eve. This morning I finished wrapping gifts to take to Margaret's; we'll drive Thursday and Friday and have our big family celebration there for about 4 days. Probably Beth's and Paul's families are at Robert's by now. Margaret's family leaves tomorrow for NC, to visit Kevin's family, then will come home to host us. Complicated, but it looks as if the weather will cooperate. We're just having a hard time catching up from the NZ trip.

by msj

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